Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee inspects the actual work of overcoming embankment erosion in Cau Ke district

On September 7, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Trung Hoang, together with the leaders of relevant provincial departments and branches, went to check the actual situation and the remedial work of eroded embankments on Tan Qui island, An Phu Tan commune. On the district side, participating in the inspection were Mr. Nguyen Hoang Khai, Secretary of the District Party Committee, and Mr. Tran Phong Ba, Chairman of the People's Committee of Cau Ke district.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Hoang inspects the actual situation of the dike in Tan Qui island, An Phu Tan commune


According to the Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Cau Ke district, the district currently has more than 50 km of dykes to prevent high tides. The statistical survey showed that over 30 embankment points were eroded and subsided, with a total length of nearly 1,880m. More specifically, landslides are concentrated in communes along the Hau river, such as An Phu Tan, Hoa Tan, Ninh Thoi, and two other communes with low terrain (Tam Ngai and Thong Hoa). Up to this point, nine embankments with large-scale landslides have been reinforced and repaired, and the rest are under implementation. Notably, two serious landslides with a length of 160m occurred in Tan Qui island and An Phu Tan commune. Following that, they have been invested in remediation by the province, with a total cost of more than 2.4 billion.


The eroded embankment section in Tan Qui 1 hamlet, An Phu Tan commune was promptly repaired


At the inspection, Mr. Nguyen Trung Hoang highly appreciated the spirit of participation of both the Cau Ke district's political system and relevant provincial departments and branches in proactively responding to natural disasters. However, according to experts, the situation of storm surges from now until the end of the year will be complicated. That's why after the inspection, Mr. Hoang asked the leaders of the District Party Committee and the People's Committee of Cau Ke District to regularly check, quick fix, and reinforce eroded dikes and necessary culverts which are not yet safe in order to protect people and serve production, citizen's daily life as well as not to be subjective or neglectful in disaster prevention and control. Particularly, it is necessary to quickly propose to the Provincial People's Committee a plan to direct relevant provincial departments and branches to support timely remediation for places where landslides are beyond the ability of the locality to overcome. In addition, he also suggested that the leaders of Cau Ke district should regularly and closely monitor the situation of flood and weather in order to promptly notify people so that they can actively make the right move to minimize the damage caused by natural disasters.                                                                                  

Quang Huy


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