156 Vietnamese citizens completed period of concentrated medical isolation in Tra Vinh Province
In the morning of Jun 3, at Medical Isolation Center - Regiment 926, Military Command of Tra Vinh Province organized to grant certificates and saw off 156 Vietnamese citizens who had conducted the concentrated medical isolation according to prescription and had the second negative test. 

The citizens were making the certificate of isolation completion to return to their families.

According to Doctor Nguyen Van Lo - Director of Tra Vinh Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that 156 Vietnamese citizens returning from India landing at 5 AM on May 20, 2020 included children under 18 years old; the elderly; pregnant women; homeless oversea students due to dormitories closed; many monks, nuns and Buddhists attending courses at Buddhist institutes in India; travelers and employees expiring their visas and employment contracts. There were 90 females and 66 males. Total numbers of monks, nuns and Buddhists was 104, including 73 females and 31 males. After completing the concentrated medical isolation according to prescription, these 156 citizens would continue to carry out the isolation in 14 days at home and conduct tests according to the prescribed procedures on isolation guide of local health.

Written by Huu Hiep

Map of Tra Vinh
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