Monument to heroine Nguyen Thi Ut (Ut Tich)

The memorial area for heroine of the armed forces Nguyen Thi Ut (Ut Tich) is located in Ngoc Ho hamlet, Tam Ngai commune, Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh province, 45 km from Tra Vinh city center and Cau town. 7 km embankment, all in the northwest direction.

The memorial area has a campus of 1.4 hectares, located on a high sand dune, with the main construction items being the Three Gate Gate, a stopover house, a memorial area, a traditional exhibition area, a meeting area. Workshops, film screenings, souvenir services, the statue of the heroine of the armed forces Nguyen Thi Ut... started construction in 2014 and completed in 2016.

Heroine Nguyen Thi Ut, commonly known as Ut Tich, was born on April 19, 1931 in Tam Ngai commune, Cau Ke district. Because her parents were too poor, she had to live and live for the landlord, so her sisters have been slaves since birth. In 1944, when she was 13 years old, her father died and her sisters were given some money by the family of comrade Nguyen Hoa Luong - Viet Minh cadre in Tam Ngai commune, at the request of the local Party cell, for a "redemption" amount. network" to be a free man.

After the August Revolution, the French colonialists sent troops to invade our country again, Nguyen Thi Ut participated in reconnaissance and liaison work for the Cau Ke volunteer police unit, led by Comrade Nguyen Hoa Luong as the Commander. . Sister Ut joined the resistance war against the French as a matter of course:  "If it hits me, I will fight it!" 

In 1950, Nguyen Thi Ut married a volunteer police officer Lam Van Tich - Khmer. According to the local way of addressing, the woman's name is always paired with her husband's name, since then, Nguyen Thi Ut has been called Ut Tich by neighbors in the neighborhood.

After the 1954 Geneva Accords, the revolutionary armed forces gathered in the North, Ngo Dinh Diem's government organized the "To Cong" and "Communist" campaigns against terrorism and suppressed party officials and members assigned to them. against the South and also those related to the resistance war against the French. Ut Tich's family had to leave the country and temporarily move to Ke Sach (Soc Trang).

In 1959, at the request of the revolution, Ut Tich's family returned to Tam Ngai to continue working in the locality. After the victory of Dong Khoi on September 14, 1960, both Ut Tich and his wife joined the communal guerrilla force, the husband directly held the gun, the legal wife openly farmed and raised 5 children, respectively. just doing reconnaissance and monitoring the enemy's activities. However, there was no battle against raiding or besieging the garrison, ambushing lonely soldiers... of Tam Ngai guerrillas, but Ut was not present. In which, Ms. Ut directly researched and participated in famous battles such as the battle for Tam The Fort, the ambush battle on Chong No Road 3, the battle to destroy the strategic hamlet of Chong No 2... Not only that, Ms. Ut also went to the village. taking the lead in mobilizing the local masses to fight politically to Tam Ngai commune or to the Cau Ke district palace;

Seeing that Ut was pregnant while raising small children and still directly holding a gun, the commune leaders and Tam Ngai relatives advised her to stay at home to recuperate. She answered firmly:  "Is there anyone who fights the enemy and waits for the birth to finish before fighting? The hens are the chicks, keep fighting!" . The whole Tam Ngai commune, the whole Cau Ke district admire and follow the example of Sister Ut who actively participated in fighting the enemy to keep the village. From there, the Tam Ngai female guerrilla platoon, and then the Cau Ke female local platoon was born, fighting alongside the men to fight the enemy. In Tam Ngai Commune, the male guerrilla platoon led by Mr. Lam Van Tich, and the female guerrilla platoon led by Ms. Nguyen Thi Ut, both emulated and supported each other in combat and victory over the enemy.

In early 1965, the provincial and district troops returned to coordinate with Tam Ngai guerrillas to attack the enemy's military base at Ba Mi. Although only three days after giving birth, Ut was still determined to go to war, then fell into a fever and had to be taken to the army medical treatment. But just recovered, when the baby was a month old, she was present to help destroy the Ba Mi base. The next day, when the provincial troops had withdrawn, the enemy sent a main regiment to land on the river and attacked our base at Cay Sanh hill, but was defeated by the local company of Cau Ke troops, the southern guerilla platoon and Tam Ngai female guerrilla squad, taking advantage of topographical terrain, fought all day, safely protecting the base area. In this battle, we heavily damaged a battalion of the enemy's main force, killed in the battle 01 and captured 01 American adviser alive.

After this resounding victory, Tam Ngai Vice-Commander Nguyen Thi Ut was granted the door to the Southwest region to attend the Confederation of Emulation Soldiers throughout the South. At this congress, Ms. Ut was awarded the Second-class Military Merit Medal by the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam and honored the title of Hero of the Liberation Army, now a Hero of the People's Armed Forces. History : "Participated in 23 large and small battles, making an important contribution to the unit to destroy and disintegrate over 200 enemies, collecting 70 guns. Comrade is a brave and clever scout, a tenacious fighter, a talented soldier…” .

In 1966, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ut was transferred to the Militia Committee of Military Region 9. She died on November 27, 1968, in Vinh Binh commune, Vinh Thuan district, Kien Giang province.

Heroine Nguyen Thi Ut's life while raising children and fighting the enemy has been faithfully and creatively expressed by writer Nguyen Thi in her memoir The Mother With a Gun. Through the role of literature, heroine Nguyen Thi Ut from the village of Tam Ngai reaches out to become a brilliant typical symbol of Southern women fighting the US. It is the image of  "Mother holding a gun"  Ut Tich with the famous saying  "The back of the pants also hit!"  made the whole world understand more about the legitimacy and inevitable victory of the resistance war against the US that the Vietnamese people were waging at that time.

Coming to the Heroine Nguyen Thi Ut Memorial Park, through artifacts, pictures and exhibits, visitors have the opportunity to learn in general about their background, the process of participating in the resistance war and especially the determination to fight the enemy to protect the village is unshakable of an ordinary woman, born and raised in a poor village, in the face of a much stronger enemy.

Coming to the memorial site, visitors will be systematically provided with achievements and victories in the two holy wars against foreign invaders and achievements in the construction and defense of the Fatherland of the Party. Ministries, armed forces and people of Cau Ke district.

The memorial area for heroine Nguyen Thi Ut is an important highlight in the chain of tourist addresses in Cau Ke district - the land known as the  "Kingdom of Coconut Wax" , including Van Nien Phong Cung with Vu Lan Thang. Hoi An ancient house, Huynh Ky ancient house, Tan Qui island garden eco-tourism area...



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