Ba Om Pond

Ba Om pond is a famous scenic spot of Tra Vinh province as well as the Mekong Delta region. This scenic spot is located in Ward 8, Tra Vinh city, more than 5 km from the center of the province to the southwest and more than 500 meters from National Highway 53 to the east.

The entire area of Ba Om Pond is more than 300 hectares, including three main parts: ponds, pond banks and ancient forests surrounding the pond.

The center of the landscape is a freshwater pond with a fairly standard square, so Ba Om Pond is also known as Square Pond, each side is more than 300 m, from 01 m deep (dry season) to 02 m (rainy season). It can be easily recognized, with a reserve of 01-02 million cubic meters, Ba Om Pond is an ancient irrigation lake, manually dug and filled by the local community many centuries ago to store rain water. ensure fresh water source for people's daily life and agricultural cultivation on a large sandy area around. The pond surface is approximately 100 ha wide, with perennial freshwater, an ideal environment for many species of aquatic plants and animals such as shrimp, fish, frogs, and frogs; lotus, gun… proliferate, develop.

The outermost is the preserved primeval forest quite intact, about 30-100 m wide, more than 2 km long, with thousands of plants endemic to sandy soil, including nearly 500 ancient oil trees. hundred years old. Through the erosion process of rain and wind, the sandy soil is swept away, leaving the ancient roots with very strange shapes, stimulating the curiosity of tourists near and far as well as the imagination of poets and musicians. visited once. Beneath the intersecting foliage of the primeval forest is a cool, year-round path zigzaating, winding, steep hills, making it easy for people to associate and name Ao Ba Om as a "Da Lat in the middle of the field". plain".

The buffer between the pond surface and the primeval forest is a sandy bank about 5 m wide, creating an ideal walking path with a length of nearly 2 km, between the ancient forest on one side and the clear blue water on the other.

With only a distance of 5 km, but we were able to leave the noise and bustle in the provincial city to find Ao Ba Om with a relaxed mind, blending into the green - clean - beautiful environment of a famous tourist area. The famous victory always keeps its wild and calm look. Leaning back on the ancient trees or lying on the green grass, under the immense green of the trees, looking out at the clear blue water with the pink lotus flowers swaying in the wind; listen to the sound of cicadas picking up drills, birds chirping to pick up drills on branches; Listen to your heartbeat, your breath blends in with the green trees, the blue water, and blends in with nature in a relaxed and leisurely way.

Stopping at Ba Om Pond, each of us will love nature, love life more as the famous folk song once affirmed:

       “Ba Dong Sea, blue water, white sand,

         Ba Om Pond is a Western landscape.

             Welcome visitors here,

Stop and tell me this place is magical.”…

There are many different legends and stories that exist in parallel to explain the name Ao Ba Om. In particular, the legend of the Khmer ethnic people has many interesting details and is widely popular. This legend says:

…“In the past, the Khmer still followed the matrilineal system, so the girl's family had to ask for a wedding and bear all the wedding costs for the boy's family. Gradually, the patriarchy that formed the wedding custom also changed, so there was a dispute about whether the bride's family or the boy's family had to ask for a wedding. In order to both solve the problem of water source to ensure life and solve the problem of marriage and maintain the race, Phum squirrel set up a pond digging contest between two men and women, with the rule that the contest takes place at night, until the morning star. Overgrowing the tree is the end.

Entering, the young men relied on themselves to be healthy, so they were not in a hurry, just drank, danced until late at night, and then fell asleep. The women, under the command of Mrs. Om, knew they were weak, so they encouraged each other to dig through the night. In the middle of the night, Mrs. Om devised a plan to hang a wind lantern on a tree branch. The men who were sleeping were startled, their eyes closed, and when they saw the wind lantern on the top of the tree, they thought the morning star had risen, so they pulled each other out, just like the covenant. In the morning, the women's ponds were square, straight, square and filled with water, while the men's ponds were shallow, jagged, shapeless.

Men have no choice but to admit defeat. The traditional wedding custom of the nation is still maintained and a large freshwater pond is formed between the sand dunes, ensuring the growth and development of human life.

To commemorate the merits of the wise woman, the community of Tra Vinh ethnic groups named her pond - Ao Ba Om." 

There is also a legend that on the low, sandy soil mixed with meat soil in the southwest of Tra Vinh town, every rainy season, braised cilantro grows full. Local people together harvest and bring to the market to exchange rice, as a source of profit from heaven. Once, beef in Luong Hoa - Nguyet Hoa (Chau Thanh district) was famous near and far because cows in this area only ate braised coriander. During the French colonial period, Ba Se beef was classified as  "tam buu Tra Vinh"  (along with Ba Dong watermelon and Dau Bo rice) and was taken by the colonial government to "skill" (similar to attending a world fair). product presentation today) in Marsaile (France). Ao Ngo Om gradually turns into Ao Ba Om…

Regardless of the legend or explanation, Ba Om Pond is also a large and ancient irrigation lake, formed from the hands and brains of workers and makes an important contribution to ensuring water resources. Fresh water for daily life and production of Tra Vinh ethnic communities over the centuries.

With those great material and spiritual values, Ba Om Pond is ranked as a national historical-cultural relic by the Ministry of Culture and Information (now the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) Monuments of Fame, in 1994.

Ba Om Pond is one of the main centers of Ok om bok festival - a national intangible cultural heritage, taking place on the full moon of the 10th month of the lunar calendar every year. Along with the historical and cultural relic of Chua Ang (artificial architectural form), the Museum of Khmer Ethnic Culture and the Provincial Sports and Culture Center, the area of Ao Ba Om is an important highlight in the strategy. economic development of Tra Vinh tourism in the 21st century.




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