Ba Dong beach

Ba Dong Beach is a scenic spot and a famous tourist area in Truong Long Hoa commune (Duyen Hai town, Tra Vinh province), 50 km from the center of Tra Vinh city to the southeast and 10 km from Duyen Hai town. to the east. This tourist area is located between two estuaries of Cung Hau (Tien river) and Dinh An (Hau river), facing the East Sea.

The East Sea along the coasts of the Mekong Delta provinces is an alluvial sea due to many large and small estuaries, so most of them are mudflats and the water is not clear. In particular, Ba Dong beach is a rare area in the Southwest region that is generously endowed by nature with a sandy beach more than 10 km long from Nha Mat hamlet to Con Egg hamlet. Due to the gentle slope, at low tide, the sandy beach is exposed for hundreds of meters, from the shore down to the water's edge.

Also because it is located in the alluvial sea area, Ba Dong sand beach is not white or shiny yellow, Ba Dong sea water cannot be as clear as with Nha Trang or Vung Tau beaches. However, along the East coast, from Go Cong to Ca Mau, Ba Dong has beautiful sandy beaches, the sea water is quite clear, especially in the months after the Lunar New Year, the waves are calm, forming a beach tourist area. favorite person.

Early realizing the value of Ba Dong beach, from the beginning of the twentieth century, the French colonial authorities built here a resort and nearby was a mini golf course (at that time the golf course was called a golf course. golf is called tickling) for officials, the elite in the province and neighboring provinces to relax on the weekend. Through the fierce war period, the resort and golf course were no longer there, but left the landmarks of Nha Mat hamlet (in Truong Long Hoa commune, Duyen Hai town) and Con Cu hamlet (in Dong Hai commune, Duyen district). Sea). After Tra Vinh province was re-established (1992), the State concentrated funds to invest in infrastructure systems such as traffic, national electricity grid, telecommunications, casuarina protection forests, and embankments against landslides. … create conditions to awaken the potential of Ba Dong beach tourism.

Today, a number of businesses inside and outside the province have been investing in building facilities for convenient tourism such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, embankments to prevent landslides, planning and planting buoys. safe beaches, souvenir stalls... Since then, tourists and visiting groups from the southwestern provinces, foreign visitors to Ba Dong Beach resort are more and more crowded.

Coming to Ba Dong Beach resort, visitors should stay overnight to have the conditions to watch the sunrise or sunset on the sea. After that, join the group of people who are enjoying themselves in the cool sea water or riding a jet ski safely on the waves, without worrying about being swept away by the waves like many other beaches. When you are tired, you and your family can choose a convenient corner in the restaurant or a row of chairs along the embankment overlooking the far sea, where fishing boats are like small moving black dots. horizon and enjoy the cool sea breeze blowing in. With time, visitors walk along the winding, winding paths following the sand dunes, through and into the casuarina rows winding with the wind, forgetting the fatigue and worries of life. daily chaos.

Coming to Ba Dong Beach, whether it's the southern season or the bad season, whether at a restaurant or walking around the hamlets, visitors can manually choose a variety of fresh seafood products from medium-sized fishing boats. turned his nose ashore for his meal. A little more advanced, visitors can pre-order or ask the restaurant staff to guide you to prepare the famous specialties of the local coastal village, which each dish has an anecdote and legend attached. interesting. It is a dish of braised goby fish dipped in fish sauce, the kind of sauce that has been offered by local people over the years, Lord Nguyen Anh tasted it once and couldn't forget it for a lifetime, so he gave it the name "fish sauce" reign”; It's greasy date elm or white shrimp, steamed sea crab with beer, salt, pepper, and lemon; That is, the dish of roasted tamarind, although somewhat rustic, is unmistakably delicious,

Stopping at Ba Dong Beach tourist area, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the rich history and cultural depth of the coastal lands of Truong Long Hoa, Duyen Hai, Tra Vinh. Nearly 3 centuries ago, the fishermen from Binh Thuan region who settled here opened the profession of going to the sea to create food and clothes, and they also brought Ba Dong, the belief of worshiping Lady Co Hy, to the new land. . The years of Lord Nguyen Anh's army fleeing the pursuit of the Tay Son insurgents at the end of the 18th century have left village names with the word "Long" such as Truong Long Hoa, Long Vinh, Long Huu, Long Toan... and leaving the tomb of the Princess as a historical mystery for several hundred years. At the end of the 19th century, when the French colonialists invaded the South, the coastal forest line of Duyen Hai was the base of the insurgent soldiers De Trieu, Phan Ton - Phan Liem, Le Tan Ke - Tran Binh...

During the nation's two long resistance wars against the French colonialists and the American imperialists, Truong Long Hoa in particular, Duyen Hai in general, was a solid base for the leadership agencies and revolutionary armed forces of Tra Vinh province. , the Southwest Area and the Saigon - Gia Dinh Special Zone. It is this area that is one of the important links of the legendary Ho Chi Minh route on the sea, transporting weapons from the Socialist North to the Southwestern battlefield, with famous fishermen named Aged are the excellent children of this land such as Le Thanh Long, Ho Duc Thang... That glorious tradition has created an  "iron and steel Truong Long Hoa" , a  "heroic Duyen Hai"  that will forever be a pride. generations of local residents.

It is also from this sea that visitors can visit, learn, and enjoy the typical products of famous traditional villages such as Dong Cao Sea Bottom Village, Con Cu Salt Village, and Watermelon Village. Ba Dong…

Today, with unique potentials and strengths that can not be found anywhere else, the coastal areas of Truong Long Hoa and Duyen Hai have become the key economic regions of Tra Vinh province, with many national key projects born and going. put into operation such as Duyen Hai Thermal Power Center, the channel of large tonnage ships going in and out of the Hau River, etc.

Ba Dong beach tourist area is the focus of a series of potential tourist destinations along the coast of Tra Vinh such as Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Relics of Con Tau Weapon Receipt, Con Troi Temple, and Vam Lang Nuoc Lighthouse. , Lau Ba Thuong cave, Co Hy nuong cave, Ba Dong ancient tomb ... are very convenient for visiting, learning, researching or meeting the spiritual needs of visitors. If you stay longer, you can also get on a boat to take a cruise along the length of the large tonnage shipping channel in and out of the Hau River, watching the ocean-going ships carrying many nationalities from all over the world come to the ports. throughout the Mekong Delta, watching the Duyen Hai Thermal Power Center and the ships transporting raw coal moored waiting for unloading. With more time, tourists make an adventure trip through the waves to the bottom of the sea.



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