Kylin - Lion - Dragon

Similar to other Oriental peoples, in the spiritual life of  the  Vietnamese,  the Kylin,  the  Lion  and  the Dragon are sacred animals symbolizing  the  powerful, prosperous  and  peaceful time. Thus on  the occassions of Tet holidays, festivals, class  meetings  and family business parties, the bustling and exciting Kylin – Lion – Dragon dance is indispensable.

The excellent techniques of the art of Kylin – Lion – Dragon dance is “Lan len mai hoa thung” (Kylin climbs up to the mai hoa pillars, expressing that  the Kylin  is  on  a  high moutain, “Su thuong lau dai doat buu”(Lion stands on the upper stage to win the treasure,  “Lan – Su hi cau” (Kylin  –  Lion  play  with  the  ball, “Long van pho hoi” (Dragon strolls in the festival town etc… in the setting of the urgent and exciting  sounds  of  the war drum.

The  Kylin  –  Lion  – Dragon dance group of the Tra Vinh Culture – Information  Center  is  rather  wellknown  for  this  unique traditional art form.

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