Night festival of the fifteenth of the first lunar month (Nguyen Tieu Thang Hoi)

  Nguyen Tieu Thang Hoi, also called Festival of Worshipping Mister Bao, takes place on the 14th and 15th days of the 1st lunar month in Phuoc Thang Palace, Dai An commune, Tra Cu district,40 kilometers Southwest of Tra Vinh town.

   Mister Bao or Bao Sanh the Great, based on the Chinese folk belief,is the God administering the human health and life. Therefore, the worship of Mister Bao attracts numerous Chinese people in Tra Vinh province and neighboring provinces. The ritual of Mister Bao’s returning to “dap dong len xac” (stamp on the medium and appear through his body), in which the medium use a knife to slit his tongue then use the blood to draw charms in a scenery of mystery and supernatural power, is always expected and welcomed by thousands of festival participants.

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