Yu- Lan Hui

    Worshipping Ong Bon is a typical religious belief of the Chinese community in Southwest Asia. Van Nien Phong palace is the typical pagoda worshipping Ong Bon, located in Cau Ke town, Cau Ke district.It is here that the festival of Worshiping Ong Bon, also call Vu Lan Thang Hoi (Yu- Lan Hui), takes place from the 25th day to 28th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar (Ham lam vao dam, Ham tam ra gian) (On the 25th day,the festival starts; On the 28th day, the festival ends).

   In Cau Ke’s Yu-Lan Hui, there are several rituals which are full of cultural and religious characters. However the most original one attracting the most participants is Danh Dong ritual. In this ritual, a procession of thousands of people led by the master and disciples Duong Tang march from Van Nien Phong Palace to the neighboring pagodas of the Khmer and the Vietnamese to perform the legend of “Tam Tang thinh kinh” (Monk Tam Tang seeks the Buddhist pitakas). On the way, the procession performs the extermination of ghosts and devils, driving bad omens away and blessing the local people.
    Yu-Lan Hui is one of the typical folk festivals of the community of various ethnic groups in Tra Vinh province.

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