My Long sea offering festival

The My Long Sea Offering Festival, also known as Nghinh Ong Festival or Cua Nam Hai Ceremony, is a typical traditional folk festival of the Kinh community living by lowering silver in the land. along the coast of Tra Vinh.


The Sea Offering Festival takes place on the 11th and 12th of the fifth lunar month every year at the shrine to worship Ba Chua Xu, expanding to My Long town, Cau Ngang district, 30 km from Tra Vinh city. east. Sea offering has long become a big festival not only for My Long fishermen and people in Tra Vinh province, but also attracting a large number of visitors from neighboring provinces such as Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, and Soc Trang. … about attendance.

 My Long town, also known as Ben Day, was originally a small village near the mouth of Cung Hau sea, founded around the 16th - 17th centuries by generations of fishermen from the South Central coastal provinces. migrate in. Like many fishing villages throughout the South, when fishermen in the Central region migrate, they always bring with them indigenous cultural baggage, including whale worship. For seafarers, Whale is a blessing incarnating from the Buddha's robe, assigned by the Buddha on a patrol mission and ready to help when there is an unfortunate boat in trouble in the midst of high winds and waves. evil. Legend has it that when Lord Nguyen Anh was chased by Tay Son insurgents to the south shore of Cung Hau estuary, Whale emerged, bringing him and the remnants of his army across the waves to the shore of Co Chien island to safety. After ascending the throne, King Gia Long has ordained the Whale to be the Nam Hai Nation, the Jade Dragon, or the Nam Hai Dai General, worshiped by the fishermen of the coastal villages. When Lord Ong Ly (ie Whale dies) and washes ashore, local fishermen have the duty to organize a funeral, then build a mausoleum to bring the remains to worship. The anniversary of the death of Mr. Ong became the festival of the village.

However, because Cung Hau estuary in My Long town is alluvial, so in history, it has never been located by Lord Ong, so there is no Tomb of Mr. With the available belief, every year on the May lunar calendar, the whole My Long seabed craft village sails to Co Chien islet, across the mouth of Cung Hau sea, to express their sincere gratitude to the local people. The estuary is wide with strong winds and waves, plus wars and chaos, and difficult and dangerous travel, so gradually the My Long fisherman invites the spirit of the Lord to return to the altar at the temple Ba Chua Xu has just built in the middle of the village. Baseball Ben Day. From the late 1920s, the Sea Offering festival or Nghinh Ong My Long festival was officially carried out solemnly and maintained to this day.

Due to the arrangement at Ba Chua Xu Temple, the My Long Sea Offering Festival includes a series of rituals that are both Nghinh Ong festival and Via Ba festival. This is the special feature of My Long Sea Offering Festival compared to other festivals of the same format in the coastal provinces from the Central to the South.

The first is the festival  of Tien sage - Hau sage  which is conducted in the early morning of the 11th day of the 5th lunar month. Tien sage - Hau sage are the forefathers who openly established villages, enlightened the profession of closing the seabed so that their descendants can have a rich craft village today, in accordance with the principle of drinking water, remembering the traditional source of the nation.

Ritual of Te Tien sage - After finishing, the tide begins to rise, around 9 am on the 11th day of the 5th lunar month, is  Nghinh Ong ceremony. – the main ritual of the Sea Offering festival. Before Nghinh Ong, the procession of officials, elders dressed as Quan Cong, Chau Xuong, Quan Binh, the shaman and some old fishermen boarded the fishing boat with the best productivity in the season. went to the sea recently to go out to sea to welcome him back to witness. The boat just went out to sea, until he met the Monsignor threw three hoses into the sky, it was considered that he was in agreement. Today, marine resources are declining, whales have become very rare and cannot be found in the sea, so people are forced to sow hexagrams to ask for acacia, when acacia is favorable, it is considered that the Lord is favorable. The procession to celebrate Thanksgiving and then return to the boat, bringing the spirit of the Lord to sit on the altar next to the altar of Ba Chua Xu in the main hall of the temple.

The screening on the 11th day of the fifth lunar month, after the invitation to the Monsignor, the organizing committee conducts the ritual  sacrifice to the gods . Although it is a fishing village, most of it is by seafaring, but the original wet rice civilization still dominates the spiritual life of the people of My Long town. Sacrifice to the Nong God - the god who governs the crops is solemnly conducted, with the same rituals as other farming villages.

The evening of the 11th day of the fifth lunar month is the ceremony of  the Ba Chua Xu Chief Priest  accompanied by free shadow activities - the typical place of the Via Ba festival that takes place until late at night.

 Image. An Vo

The Five Ways Ritual   is conducted on the morning of the 12th day of the fifth lunar month. From the center of Ba Chua Xu's shrine, a group of people dressed up like Nghinh Ong the previous afternoon, with the lion troupe, orchestra and many villagers forming a procession through the residential neighborhoods around the town. On the way, the procession will receive salted rice, gold and silver paper from the people from the incense tables and put it on the big table, implying to gather all the bad luck, calamities, epidemics so that the village can be peaceful and healthy. abundant health for the new seagoing season.

Finally, the Ritual  Ritual takes place at about 9 o'clock on the 12th day of the fifth lunar month. Many offerings, including a white pig "all-born with all colors" (with hair, blood, heart) and incense, tea, wine, fruit, salted rice, votive paper, etc. Cover is placed on a small boat, brightly decorated. The procession of people dressed up as when they were surrounded by a small boat placed on a rickshaw around the town formed a very crowded procession. After that, the small boat was pulled back to sea by the ship performing Nghinh Ong ceremony yesterday, followed by dozens of boats and hundreds of fishermen forming a bustling procession on the sea. Arriving at the place where he was held yesterday, the boat carrying the offerings was cut and floated on the sea. The Ritual of Song Monster expresses the fishermen's gratitude to Mr.

My Long sea offering is a traditional cultural activity associated with whale worship that has been preserved and performed continuously by the people of My Long town for nearly a century. Every year, this festival is conducted in a more solemn and orderly manner, attracting more people inside and outside the province and is an opportunity for the children of the homeland to settle, do business and live in the country. Foreigners find their roots, visit their ancestors' homeland.

In 2013, My Long Sea Offering Festival was issued by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Decision No. 3820/QD/BVHTTDL, included in the list of National Intangible Cultural Heritage.




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