Noodle soup

Vermicelli noodle soup is a famous specialty of Tra Vinh province, so much so that "connoisseurs" often say to each other: "If you haven't eaten vermicelli noodles, you have not been to Tra Vinh!". Noodle soup also shows cultural exchange and solidarity among ethnic communities in Tra Vinh. Vermicelli with broth is made from Prohoc fish sauce of the Khmer, with the addition of roasted pork of the Chinese.

The main ingredient to cook this dish is beef sauce. This is a type of fish sauce made from mixed fish ingredients. The fish sauce must meet the standards, be flavorful and dissolve quickly in boiling water. For fresh water, people use more types of fish such as: snakehead, goby, catfish or shrimp, shrimp... Eating vermicelli soup requires vegetables, including: bananas, water spinach, chopped water lily. horizontally, mix well with some finely chopped herbs. In the cashew season (also known as digging the seeds), some people also like to chop a few cashews and put them in the salad for a better taste. Noodle soup is a popular dish but has a strong flavor, if you have the opportunity to come back to Tra Vinh, please stop at a roadside restaurant and order a bowl of noodle soup to enjoy. You will definitely feel different from the usual noodles. That is also an unforgettable impression when you visit this land.

Co Ba Noodle Soup

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