Tra Vinh is not only a place where Kinh people live but also Chinese and Khmer people, so the cuisine here is also extremely attractive, unique and diverse. A specialty of Tra Vinh that we want to talk about here is flat rice, which is a dish of the Khmer people (Khmer language calls it braised). Anyone who comes to Tra Vinh without enjoying flat rice or eating flat rice cake is a pity, the trip is not complete.


Flat nuggets are made from young sticky rice seeds, which are usually harvested a week or half a month early, then soaked, roasted, and pounded to produce flat rice. Flat rice combined with sugar and coconut gives a delicious, rich flavor that is difficult to get used to. Many people who come here also do not forget to buy a box of Tra Vinh specialty flat rice as a gift for their relatives and friends.

With its flavor value, flat rice is not only a dish but also a main offering to thank the moon god according to the custom of Khmer people in the Ok Om Bok festival, which is held periodically on the full moon of the month. 10 annually. This is a ceremony to give thanks to the moon god in the year for giving favorable rain and wind, helping the harvest to be bountiful and praying for favorable weather in the coming year, helping people to have a good harvest and full... The offerings are the agricultural products made by themselves, in which flat rice is one of the indispensable items.

From being a culinary dish with a spiritual meaning imbued with the culture of the Khmer people in the South, this dish has now become a famous specialty of Tra Vinh province that any visitor when coming here also chooses. Buy as a gift, enjoy.


In order for everyone to understand better about Tra Vinh specialty flat rice, we briefly introduce the process people make from glutinous rice to make flat rice.

To make flat rice is a whole process from harvesting sticky rice, to roasting, pounding, etc., every step takes a lot of effort. This shows the diligence, hard work and meticulousness of the Khmer ethnic people in Tra Vinh.

After being harvested, people will put them in a jar and soak them in water for about 6 hours, then use a basket to pick up the sticky rice, drain the water, and dry it in the sun.

When the sticky rice is dry, put it in a roasting pot, use the bamboo sticks that have been sharpened into kitchen chopsticks and stir continuously until the glutinous rice grains are golden and emit a tiny explosion. out the mortar. While roasting the fire is also very important, so the medium heat, the high fire will make the sticky rice dry and burnt, while the low fire will cause the glutinous rice grains to stick together.

Then put the roasted sticky rice in a mortar to peel the outer husk, or you can put it in a cloth bag to brush, so the sticky rice will peel off more evenly.

After grinding, put the sticky rice into the nia and sieve to remove the husk and get the flat com, put it in a bag for preservation.

From being a culinary dish with spiritual meanings imbued with the culture of the Khmer people in the South, this dish has now become a famous specialty of Tra Vinh province. As you like, nowadays people often mix flat rice with grated coconut, sugar, salt and a little coconut water, let it sit for about 30 minutes to enjoy. With its very own flavor, over time, this dish has become a specialty and formed a traditional craft village of Tra Vinh province, known by people in many provinces and cities in the country and abroad.



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