Cooked sweet potato


Taro fish live in the sea, often swimming in groups in shallow water. From late summer to early winter is the time when fishermen catch the most sweet potato.

Cooked sweet potato fish is very simple because it is rustic, attractive, many people love it, it is a specialty dish of Tra Vinh's hometown. Potato fish washed, cut into bite-sized pieces, marinated with scallions, crushed white stalks, chopped, pepper, salt, delicious fish sauce. Put the pot on the stove to heat, add cooking oil and fry with scallions, crushed white onions until fragrant, add tomatoes cut lengthwise and stir-fry until the tomatoes are firmed up a bit. Turn off the stove, let it cool down, then pour in the water to cook again with low heat to let the tomatoes out. When the soup pot comes to a boil, add the marinated fish, fresh onions and finely chopped laksa leaves.

The fish and potato soup is very sweet, the taste is bar, just put the piece of fish in the mouth, the fish meat has melted like porridge, thinking that the fish's tonic immediately penetrates into his blood vessels. Potato fish dipped in fish sauce and chili, hot soup with rice, visitors can hardly forget!



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