Chit Sa pickled radish

Xai Pau is the name according to the Trieu Chau people, while the Vietnamese call it "salted radish", a specialty in Cau Ke land, Tra Vinh province.

In order to have delicious Xai Pau, the main ingredient is white radish taken from the land of Cau Ngang or coastal Duyen Hai district, the new radish is firm but the most important is the secret of "radish salt" with a special aroma. crisp, crunchy, rich flavor.

In 2010, the Chit Sa pickled radish product was supported by the Center for Industry and Trade Promotion (Department of Industry and Trade) to promote, advertise and build a brand. The main feature of the product is the selection of radishes that are not too old or too young (if old, radishes are easy to be fluffy and spongy inside the intestine after the finished product; young radishes will be soft, not tough... ); through the stages in the process: salting - sun drying - incubation - processing always ensure standards: fragrant, not too salty, radish is clear and not spongy... the secret is in the sun drying stage and choosing tubers cabbage is very important. Normally, pickled radishes will be soaked in salt for 03-05 days, then picked out and dried.

Particularly for products of Chit Sa salted radish, every day after soaking in salt, they are dried; During the drying process, turn the radishes regularly, do not let the sun get too hot, making the radishes ripe. In the afternoon, when the sun is out, the radish will be brought in and mixed with new salt. In the process of drying radishes, it is necessary to avoid rain, if rainwater is soaked, it will make the radishes rotten and waterlogged. Annually, the production base's output of salted radish is about 04-05 tons. The production time of pickled radish starts from October and lasts until April-May (depending on the weather). After that, the products made are sold gradually until the end of the year. Currently, the facility has completed the application and sent it to the province to upgrade the product grade of pickled radish from 3 stars to 4 stars.

Chit Sa pickled radish products are now quite diverse in types, such as: salted whole, sliced, sliced, mixed with spices (vinegar + sugar + garlic + chili); with many different weights: 01kg, 0.5kg, 200gram and packed with pretty and eye-catching packaging designs. Chit Sa pickled radish products are used in processing with many different dishes, such as bone stew, braised pork belly; Pickled radish mixed with spices used with white porridge…

Production facility of Pickled Radish

Address: Tra Khao hamlet, Hoa An commune, Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh province

Phone: 0294.3714 255 – 076 9351 494


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