Thorion Energy (Australia) explores investment opportunities in Tra Vinh

On August 18, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Le Van Han, held a meeting with representatives from Thorion Energy and The Green Solutions to discuss potential investment opportunities in new energy storage solutions in Tra Vinh.

Working Meeting Overview

The business delegation was led by Mr. Bradley Appleyard, Chairman and CEO of Thorion Energy, Mr. Paul Hersey, COO of Thorion Energy, and Mr. Nguyen Truong Huan, Deputy CEO of The Green Solutions.

Mr. Bradley Appleyard, Chairman and CEO of Thorion Energy, expressed the company's interest in understanding more about the investment environment, Tra Vinh's renewable energy development plans, and the province's policies supporting foreign investors.

Thorion Energy specializes in advanced Vanadium battery technology, also known as redox flow batteries. Their Vanadium battery modules and SAPS are pioneering products in the Vanadium battery market. This cutting-edge battery storage technology for renewable energy systems offers advantages such as extended battery lifespan, cost savings in investment, and environmental friendliness. Thorion Energy has invested in research and development and has received certification for sustainable energy technology.

Mr. Bradley Appleyard (on the far side left) presenting Thorion Energy's Vanadium battery technology.

Mr. Bradley Appleyard believes that this battery storage technology aligns with the current and future trends in renewable energy use. It is well-suited for investment and development in Tra Vinh, especially considering the province's Green Hydrogen factory (invested by The Green Solutions) under construction and the ongoing and planned renewable energy projects in the province. This project is expected to contribute significantly to Tra Vinh's leadership in the country's Green Index for sustainable and environmentally friendly development.

During the meeting, Chairman Le Van Han introduced the province's potential in marine economic development, particularly in the field of renewable energy. Tra Vinh currently operates five wind power plants with a total capacity of 322MW and supports four additional wind power projects with a combined capacity of 344.3MW, along with one biomass power project with a 25MW capacity, which is currently undergoing legal procedures.

Regarding the province's energy development plan, it was mentioned that Tra Vinh has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, requesting consideration and reporting to the Prime Minister to include 43 renewable energy projects (with a total capacity of 26,970MW) in the implementation plan for Electricity Master Plan VIII.

Representatives from various departments, industries, and businesses engaged in discussions to further understand Vanadium battery energy storage solutions, explore the potential and strengths of businesses, and share insights into the province's investment incentives in the renewable energy sector.

The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee delivering a speech during the meeting.

Chairman Le Van Han expressed his gratitude to the businesses for their interest in exploring investment opportunities in Tra Vinh. He also expressed hope that The Green Solutions would continue to facilitate investment cooperation between Tra Vinh and Thorion Energy, ensuring the swift introduction of this new-generation battery production technology to Tra Vinh and Vietnam.

With the province's abundant advantages and the existing investment-friendly policies, Chairman Le Van Han is confident that Tra Vinh holds substantial potential as a destination for investors. The province remains committed to providing favorable conditions to welcome and attract capable investors to contribute to its economic growth and development.


Phuong An

Hoang Khiem (translator)


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