Celebrating 70 years of Vietnam Photography tradition

On the afternoon of March 15th, the Literature and Art Association of Tra Vinh province celebrated the 70th anniversary of Vietnam's traditional day of photography (March 15th, 1953 - March 15th, 2023).

The meeting of the Photography Association to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the traditional day of Photography.

March 15th, 1953 marked a significant milestone for photography in Vietnam, as President Ho Chi Minh signed Decree No. 147, establishing the National Enterprise of Projection and Photography of Vietnam in the Viet Bac war zone at Doi Co. This decree was crucial in defining the direction of photography, creating the foundation for the development of the two industries of photography and cinema in Vietnam. Over the past 70 years, Vietnamese photography has established its position in socio-cultural life and made valuable contributions to the revolutionary cause of the Party and the nation.

In Tra Vinh, photo authors and soldiers on the propaganda front such as journalists Minh Hung, Ky Nam, Be Tu, and more made significant contributions during the resistance wars against the French colonialists and the American imperialists. In 1992, the Photography Association was re-established, and through the interest and support of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Literature and Art Association, the photographic force has gradually developed through training classes, creative camps, and photo contests.

Today, the Photography Association under the Tra Vinh Literary and Art Association has over 40 members, with six members admitted as members of the Vietnam Photographic Artists Association, making it the core force for the photography movement in Tra Vinh.

Each year, members of the association organize creative trips inside and outside the province to participate in competitions at all levels, including those organized by the International Federation of Photographers and Art. Typically, there are works that won high prizes at competitions such as: "Duong net" (Contours) by Photographer Duong Van Mai; the work "Ngan dong" (Break the line), the work "Nhung chien si thoi binh” (Soldiers of peace) by Photographer Bui Tien Phong; the work "Viec tren cao” (Working on high places) by Pham Viet Phuc; the work "Nhan nguong going sach” (Planning a clean seed source) by young author Lam Dieu Trung; The work "Mua lam to” (Nesting season) by author Duong Tuan Vu... Many of their works have won high prizes at competitions at the regional, national, and international levels.

Delegates look at the exhibition photos of members of the Photography Association.

Through their artistic perspective, the images recorded by Tra Vinh's photographers have been selected by many departments and agencies for publication as yearbooks with both propaganda, historical, and research value. Tra Vinh Literature and Art Association has also published many photo collections that are valuable in terms of art and meet the needs of research and promotion for the homeland in many fields of the economy, culture, society, and international security.

During the celebration, the Tra Vinh Photography Association and artists expressed their gratitude for the attention and direction of the Party and State, as well as the leaders and support of the departments. They expressed their determination, creativity, and responsibility to continue contributing to the revolutionary photography career, fostering its growth and development.

Phuong Khanh  

    Hoang Khiem (Translator)


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