Giac Linh pagoda

Located about 30 km from Tra Vinh city to the southeast, more than 5 km from Cau Ngang town to the northeast, Giac Linh pagoda is located on a high sand dune in Nhat A hamlet, My Long Bac commune, Cau Ngang district. , Tra Vinh province.


Giac Linh Pagoda is also known as Bat Pagoda because in the temple grounds there were many species of birds howling on old trees, including crows and bats, so people used this feature to wash the name of the pagoda.

Entering the temple gate, on the right is a rather large statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, opening his heart of compassion and compassion to bring the miracle of saving sentient beings. A few dozen meters further, we will meet the temple. The pagoda is built on a high plot of land, surrounded by many kinds of trees: money tree, blind, heavy, bamboo ... creating a quiet, sacred feature.
Entering the temple, we will notice the difference of Giac Linh pagoda with other Buddhist temples. The Buddha altar is not arranged in the order of: Tam The Buddha, Amitabha Tam Ton... as in Mahayana Buddhist temples. The pagoda not only worships the Buddha and those related to Buddhism: Bodhisattvas, Arhat... but also worships Confucius, Lao Tzu, and integrates folk beliefs: Ba Chua Xu, Tao Quan, Uncle Tai, etc. Mr Qui. It is from the way of thinking of monks, that Buddhists not only focus on religious work but also life.
Compared to other temples in terms of construction scale, architectural value and sculpture, Giac Linh pagoda is modest. The pagoda only has a set of painted wooden covers, painted with gold foil with the theme of four spirits, which is worth mentioning. However, the temple is rich in revolutionary achievements.
Right from the early years of the twentieth century, Linh Son Dien has been the meeting place and activities of patriotic martyrs against the French in the organization of Thien Dia Hoi.
In 1922, the Red Youth Organization of the province was established here, including comrade Duong Quang Dong. Then one of the first three Communist Party cells of Tra Vinh - My Long cell also chose this location to meet regularly in the early years of its establishment. And in the demonstration of 300 farmers in 1931 demanding "people live, democracy" banners, hammer and sickle flags flew over the pagoda fence.
In 1934 - 1935, the pagoda was again chosen as the headquarters of the Vinh - Tra - Ben inter-provincial agency.
In the period near the Revolution of August 1945, in order to seize the opportunity of the uprising to win, the temple witnessed a preparatory meeting to strengthen the Party Committee, convened by Comrade Duong Quang Dong.
During the resistance war against the French, nun Phung - a true monk of the temple used the sound of the mule as a signal to summon or disperse revolutionary cadres when meeting or avoiding action.
In the anti-American period, nun Phung became the abbot of the temple, under the robes of a monk, she covered the enemy's eyes with pilgrimages and transported weapons to the revolutionary organization.
In the years 1966 - 1967 fierce war, the southwest side of the temple campus has a system of trenches more than 300m long dug to resist the enemy's operations and sweeps. Also during this period, based on the silence of the monastery, the luxuriant trees, dozens of secret tunnels were dug in the temple grounds for officials to hide. In particular, the great red general was also donated by the temple to the construction site of weapons to fight the enemy.
In 1970, the enemy set up a garrison near the pagoda fence, in order to control the revolution in My Long region and also to monitor the monks. Even so, nun Phung still stayed at the temple with one heart, so that a year later I attacked them and had to flee.
Giac Linh Pagoda was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a national historical and cultural relic according to Decision No. 95-1998-QD/BVHTT dated January 24, 1998. This place of "Zen subject with no restrictions and no charm" is now always open to welcome us to meditate on the way of life.




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