Com Dep Tet cake

The main ingredient to make the cake is flat rice, which is also sticky rice, but people reap it about half a month earlier, then put it in a pan to roast over low heat until it's cooked, then put it in a mortar and pound, take it out and clean it. husk, the rest is the nuggets.

Another ingredient for making cakes is coconut, people grate coconut and win with milk, then put the nuggets in and knead the dough evenly.

When the flour has come to make the mung bean paste, people treat the pods, boil, until the green beans are soft, then add sugar and vanilla.

When all the ingredients have been prepared, proceed to the package. People often use Siamese banana leaves or basil leaves to wrap and keep the cake from sticking to the leaves. Before cooking, people often dip in coconut milk. Then put the cake into the steamer, about a few hours, when the cake is cooked, take it out, the aroma is extremely attractive.

Tra Vinh's specialty flat rice pancakes are usually not big but small enough to fit in your hand when eating.

The difference between Tra Vinh specialty flat rice tet cake compared to traditional tet cakes is that it is made from flat rice, so it has a smooth plasticity when eaten. Besides, the maker also mixes coconut milk, so the fragrance is very attractive.

Another difference for traditional banh tet will be put in a pot of boiling water to cook, while flat rice cakes will be steamed in a water bath. The cake will cook slowly, without worrying about the cake getting into the water

Let's enjoy the fragrant plastic flavor and feel and experience flat rice cake" when visitors have the opportunity to visit their hometown of Tra Vinh.



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