Siam Lo soup

Siam Lo Soup or Sam Lo soup (Sam Lo Ca Co: in Khmer)

According to a history of more than 100 years, this place Khmer people in Tra Cu (Tra Vinh) land, most of them live in remote rural areas. So every time they come home from work, they often pick vegetables and catch fish around their house to cook this soup. Since every household has a field and garden, it is very popular in Phum squirrel in this area and is favored by nature with the above ingredients. So everyone knows how to cook this dish.

Soup Siam Lo is one of the traditional dishes of the Khmer. The unique feature of this dish is made from collected vegetables, meat (Sea fish, Snakehead fish, Lau Bong fish, Eel, Bacon, etc.), In particular, an indispensable ingredient in Siam Lo soup is fish sauce. Bo Hoc. Mam Bo Hoc has created a unique feature in the culinary culture of Khmer people in general and Khmer Tra Vinh in particular. Siam Lo soup is usually served with white rice and served with braised pepper or dried fish with plums.   

Siam Lo soup is a simple and delicious dish that people who are far from home will always remember

Currently, Rithy Food and Coffee Restaurant has processed Siamese soup into Xiem Lo soup to serve diners, which is very popular.

Address of service: Restaurant Culinary - Coffee Rithy

Group 7, Dinh An town, Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province

Phone: 0909 888 161




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